Funeral Eulogy for Elizabeth Buckley


July 28, 2016 ~ George Strohmeyer When I last visited Elizabeth on June 2, I was excited to share with her some poetic psalm verses translated by Zen Master Norman Fischer: Psalm 27: “I wait only for you with strength and good courage.” Psalm 144: “God bend the sky down till it fills the earth. Caress the mountains till they burst into flames.” Psalm 154: “I will stop and consider your burning beauty. I will stop and remember your … [Read more...]

Alan Dobb – Rest in Peace

Alan Dobb with Elton John, Daybreak's office bird.

Alan Dobb, Facilities Manager at L’Arche Daybreak for many years, died this morning at 5:10 am after a long illness. There will be a community gathering to remember Alan and share stories on Monday morning, April 25th, at 10:30 am at the Dayspring Chapel. Alan began his journey with L’Arche as a volunteer at the Centre Street House. Alan was the first person to hold the position of Facilities Manager at Daybreak, taking responsibility for … [Read more...]

Peter Porter 1946 – 2015

Peter at the Green House in 1997

With great sadness, I share the news that our beloved friend and brother, Peter Porter, died suddenly on the evening of December 31. Peter was 69 years old. He would have turned 70 on January 19th. Peter had had a lovely last day, and he had been in especially good spirits. He attended the New Year’s Eve prayer service at the Dayspring, and he delighted in the reception and fireworks that followed. Peter was back at the Green House, his home for … [Read more...]

Amanda – Learning to Walk Again

Amanda surrounded by friends on her birthday

As 2015 started Amanda found that she could no longer walk. And Amanda loves to walk. Amanda spent much of the first half of the year going to doctor's appointments, hoping to find out why she couldn't walk. Finally in late May an MRI found that she had a growth on her spine. Amanda's doctors said that she would need surgery right away to remove this growth. Amanda's operation was a success, but now she would have to relearn how to walk. … [Read more...]

Justin – Finding a Place to Belong

Justin Colford welcomed as an Orientation Member to Daybreak.

Justin works in the Woodery four days a week, and he looks just as delighted as this every day. He runs wooden planks through the table saw, cutting them into the various lengths needed for different products. He has learned how to put a sharp tip on wooden stakes using a special machine that works like a giant pencil sharpener. Justin works carefully and he takes real joy in doing a good job. He hangs his coat on a hook that is marked with his … [Read more...]