Angela Radiates Joy!

Angela Palazzo holds her membership certificate and rose.

Our community continues to grow! Angela Palazzo is one of 11 new people at L’Arche Daybreak who were welcomed as Orientation Members to L'Arche. She participates in the Craft Studio and the Day Program and lives with her family in Richmond Hill. Angela, with her beautiful smile and positive outlook, faces challenges with determination and incredible inner strength. She is delighted to have found a place of belonging at L'Arche Daybreak and … [Read more...]

15th Annual Brothers of the Blade Picnic

Betty enjoying a ride!

The Brothers of the Blade hosted our community for the 15th year in a row! The connection started when Arliss Arrowsmith, a person with an intellectual disability, moved to L'Arche Daybreak. Her brother Bruce is a member of the Brothers of the Blade motorcycle group. The BoTB has rolled out the welcome carpet every year at the annual "Daybreak Picnic". Many people new to L'Arche came out to have fun and enjoyed their first ride on a Harley! … [Read more...]

Why Was Jean Vanier Awarded the Templeton Prize?

Jean Vanier receives the Templeton Prize, London, UK May 28 2015

Sir John Templeton and Dr. John M. Templeton, Jr. saw great value in the interplay of science and religion and wanted to recognize those whose faith (any) inspired their insights and discoveries as they sought to uplift humanity. They wanted to spotlight what these “entrepreneurs of the spirit” teach us about our human purpose. The prestigious gift will greatly assist all members of L’Arche and Faith & Light in their efforts to change how the … [Read more...]

Videos: Jean Vanier receives Templeton Prize


On Monday 18th May at a ceremony held at the church of St Martin-in-the-Fields, London England, Jean Vanier was awarded the 2015 Templeton Prize. Jean Vanier, the founder of L'Arche, an international network of communities where people with and without intellectual disabilities live and work together as peers is the 45th recipient of the Templeton Prize, currently valued at £1.1 million pounds. 2015 Templeton Prize Ceremony for Jean Vanier at … [Read more...]