Funeral Eulogy for Elizabeth Buckley


July 28, 2016 ~ George Strohmeyer When I last visited Elizabeth on June 2, I was excited to share with her some poetic psalm verses translated by Zen Master Norman Fischer: Psalm 27: “I wait only for you with strength and good courage.” Psalm 144: “God bend the sky down till it fills the earth. Caress the mountains till they burst into flames.” Psalm 154: “I will stop and consider your burning beauty. I will stop and remember your … [Read more...]

Homily for Elizabeth Buckley

July 28, 2016 ~ Doug McCarthy Please listen to the first verse of a lovely poem written by Gerard Manley Hopkins: Elected Silence, sing to me And beat upon my whorled ear, Pipe me to pastures still and be The music that I care to hear. Elizabeth could have written those words. There are many people in our world who do not believe in God or have not a care for God. There are also many people who do believe in God and live their lives … [Read more...]

Final Results of our 2016 Walk WITH Hope are in!

The OLQW Team came out in full force again this year!

This year's Walk WITH Hope on May 7th was one of our largest yet, with nearly 400 people helping to raise over $83,000 much-needed funds for L'Arche! A heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to our day of community-building. We are so grateful for the spirit of generosity from the local community and the show of support from everyone who came out to participate. We had a beautiful day together! Our Walk WITH Hope 2017 is tentatively … [Read more...]

Alan Dobb – Rest in Peace

Alan Dobb with Elton John, Daybreak's office bird.

Alan Dobb, Facilities Manager at L’Arche Daybreak for many years, died this morning at 5:10 am after a long illness. There will be a community gathering to remember Alan and share stories on Monday morning, April 25th, at 10:30 am at the Dayspring Chapel. Alan began his journey with L’Arche as a volunteer at the Centre Street House. Alan was the first person to hold the position of Facilities Manager at Daybreak, taking responsibility for … [Read more...]

Faithful Friendships – Joe Egan and David Harmon

Joe and David are faithful friends. Joe holds up the photo that David gave him many years ago.

“I would not be in L’Arche today if it wasn’t for David Harmon. That became crystal clear to me in the moment that I tried to tell David that I planned to leave after my second year at Daybreak,” Joe told Daybreak members last month. Joe and David were seated at the front of the room and together were animating our annual community retreat. Joe has been in L’Arche for 43 years, David for 48. Joe continued, “David got very upset at the news I … [Read more...]