Alan Dobb – Rest in Peace

Alan & Elton John

Alan Dobb, Facilities Manager at L’Arche Daybreak for many years, died this morning at 5:10 am after a long illness. There will be a community gathering to remember Alan and share stories on Monday morning, April 25th, at 10:30 am at the Dayspring Chapel. Alan began his journey with L’Arche as a volunteer at the Centre Street House. Alan was the first person to hold the position of Facilities Manager at Daybreak, taking responsibility for … [Read more...]

Faithful Friendships – Joe Egan and David Harmon

Joe and David are faithful friends. Joe holds up the photo that David gave him many years ago.

“I would not be in L’Arche today if it wasn’t for David Harmon. That became crystal clear to me in the moment that I tried to tell David that I planned to leave after my second year at Daybreak,” Joe told Daybreak members last month. Joe and David were seated at the front of the room and together were animating our annual community retreat. Joe has been in L’Arche for 43 years, David for 48. Joe continued, “David got very upset at the news I … [Read more...]

“Making Room” an Exhibition of New Art Work from the Craft Studio

Kevin Lyttle's meticulously designed drawing captures the diversity of the people who live and have their day programs at L'Arche.

"Making Room" is a new exhibition of L'Arche Daybreak artists at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts from April 4 - 29, with an opening reception on April 12, 7 - 9 p.m. Featured in the show are original paintings, prints, and several large format drawings originally designed as gift wrapping. Included are pieces by John Smeltzer and Bill Van Buren (d. 2009) two elders of our community. Their presence in the founding years … [Read more...]

Meet Lissie, our youthful 80 + year old volunteer

Lissie - one of our faithful volunteers at the Craft Studio.

Lissie Pedersen has been a faithful volunteer at the Craft Studio since 2001, working at first with Tracy Westerby hand-over-hand to produce beautiful ceramics together. She remembers that when her husband died in 2003, the entire Craft Studio came to the visitation to support her, and Tanya and Tracy came to the funeral. Tracy insisted on coming to support her friend, bringing flowers from the garden at the Corner House, where Tracy lived. … [Read more...]

From Billy to Bill – Remembering one of the founders of L’Arche in North America

Bill, hanging from the rafters, with the original group of Daybreak members.

In 1969, when L'Arche Daybreak started, leading the parade was Billy Van Buren. He came to us October 16, 1969, a very young 16 year old in frail health and a new green suit. (He loved that suit!) Billy had been born into dysfunction and instability and, at age 10, he was taken into guardianship and institutionalized. At age 16, his wardship ended and he came to Daybreak – a rather lost boy, vulnerable, and lonely. Billy was easy to live with … [Read more...]