Linda and Keith – a door into forgiveness

Keith and Linda

  Linda had a gift for welcoming people and helping them feel at home. The first time I met Linda, she looked at me and said, ¨You look tired. Go to bed.¨ Keith Reynolds, friend of L'Arche Daybreak   Linda Slinger opened a door into forgiveness for me. Within the first few months of my arrival at Daybreak in 1992, Linda offered me a place in her heart. It was not because I was someone special; it was simply Linda´s way with nearly … [Read more...]

George Beatty and Roy Turkel – friendships take time

Roy Turkel

A Reflection from the 1980s - by Kathy Kelly George and Roy were almost polar opposites, but there were three things about them that were the same: both were tall, big men, both were caring, gentle giants and both had a quick temper. It was inevitable that they would clash. George worked in the Woodery, but Roy was retired when he came to Daybreak, so he stayed at home at the New House. One day George went to the Meeting Hall for … [Read more...]

“Gord Henry and My New Shoes” by George Durner

Jean Vanier and George Durner, 2013

George Durner was a young American assistant living at Church Street in the 1970’s, in the days when the farm was an important part of Daybreak. He loves to tell the following story. During my first year at Daybreak, I was a single assistant, living in a home. We received no salary, but got about $75 a month as “pocket money.” I saved my money all winter to buy a new pair of shoes. I had my heart set on what were called "Australian walking … [Read more...]

1966 TV Documentary of L’Arche

50 Anniversary Logo of L'Arche

This year, L'Arche celebrates its 50th Anniversary.This is the first Documentary Video of L'Arche that we are aware of, captured in 1966 by a team interested in the work the Canadian Humanitarian Jean Vanier was doing in France. While the language is dated, it is an excellent historical piece and shows the energy, spirit, and dynamism of L'Arche which continues today in over 145 communities in the world. (42 mins) … [Read more...]