“The Seeds of L’Arche” a talk by Sr. Sue Mosteller

Kelly Library - Sue Mosteller from L'Arche Daybreak on Vimeo. Storytelling is at the heart of L'Arche, and Sue is an extraordinary storyteller! Sue is among a group of early pioneers in L'Arche whose connection and commitment go back to the very early days of the "seeding" of L'Arche. Arriving at Daybreak in 1972, she became the second Community Leader, and later the first International Leader after Jean Vanier. She is currently the … [Read more...]

A Public Lecture on L’Arche – October 29, 4 pm 2014

Maryanne Larcina (left) and Pamela Cushing

Jean Vanier, L’Arche, and the Unfolding of a Radical Idea in Disability and Care Announcement: Please join us on October 29, 2014 at 4 pm in Charbonnel Lounge on the St. Michael's Campus, University of Toronto. "Truly radical ideas are often only revealed as such by years of both exposure and distilling. Jean Vanier had a sort of early crowd-sourcing style as he nurtured the kernel of his beatitudes-inspired vision and invited others to help … [Read more...]

L’Arche Exhibit at the Kelly Library

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L’Arche Daybreak and the Kelly Library (St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto) have collaborated to create a striking display of six large panels, unveiled at a celebration on October 22nd at the library. The panels depict the 50-year history of L’Arche from its founding to the establishment of the first L’Arche community in Canada, and its growth. Today, it consists of two large separate communities—Daybreak, the original community in … [Read more...]

Celebrating Thelus George (1924 – 2014)

Thelus George

A Eulogy for Thelus - October 15, 2014, by her friend Anne Todd Whether she weighed less than 50 pounds, as she did the last month of her life, or three times that when she was at her physical peak, Thelus George was a force to be reckoned with. Even when her body was failing, her strength of will and purpose inspired all who came in contact with her. Thelus didnʼt speak much the few days before she died, but the last words that I heard her … [Read more...]

Re-Imagining Disability


Contributing Blog Post by Professor Pamela Cushing, University of Western Ontario, 2014 A story uses words to convey a message. Photographs tell stories too, but through visual elements & conventions that help teach us what is appropriate and worthy of being stared at. Such visual narratives often reflect what society already believes and values, and up until recently, Western photos typically characterized people with disability in medical, … [Read more...]