From Billy to Bill – Remembering one of the founders of L’Arche in North America

Bill, hanging from the rafters, with the original group of Daybreak members.

In 1969, when L'Arche Daybreak started, leading the parade was Billy Van Buren. He came to us October 16, 1969, a very young 16 year old in frail health and a new green suit. (He loved that suit!) Billy had been born into dysfunction and instability and, at age 10, he was taken into guardianship and institutionalized. At age 16, his wardship ended and he came to Daybreak – a rather lost boy, vulnerable, and lonely. Billy was easy to live with … [Read more...]

Photographs of Peter Porter’s Life – a Slideshow

For the many friends and family members who loved Peter, knew Peter and were known by him, here are a few images which capture Peter's joy and delight for life, friendships, trips, and playfulness. Peter's life was celebrated at St. Mary's Anglican Church in Richmond Hill on January 5th, 2016. Click here for excerpts from the Eulogy by his friend Rob Ens. Click here for the Homily by his friend Chris Jarvis. … [Read more...]

Homily for the Funeral of Peter Porter by his friend Chris Jarvis

Chris and Peter lived together at the Green House - Peter's home for 40 years.

Tuesday January 5, 2016 John 14: 1 – 6a How do you say good-bye each day to family or friends when you are leaving your home in the morning, or your workplace in the evening? Is there something you usually offer? Perhaps “Have a good day!” or “Tootaloo!” Or perhaps it’s often a gentle reminder, like “Don’t forget to make up the bed” Maybe you simply wave or wink or give a hug. I don’t do the same thing every day when I leave my … [Read more...]

Tribute to Peter Porter by his friend Rob Ens

David, Steffan and Peter travelling.

Meeting Henri Nouwen and Visiting L'Arche Twenty one and a half years ago, I had a chance encounter with Henri Nouwen in the Hung Dho Vietnamese restaurant in Toronto. That brief encounter would change my life forever. Henri invited me to L’Arche, slipping me a napkin with his secretary’s name and number scrawled. The name read, Kathy Christie. Henri instructed that I should call her to arrange dinner at a L’Arche home, prior to the service. … [Read more...]

Peter Porter 1946 – 2015

Peter at the Green House in 1997

With great sadness, I share the news that our beloved friend and brother, Peter Porter, died suddenly on the evening of December 31. Peter was 69 years old. He would have turned 70 on January 19th. Peter had had a lovely last day, and he had been in especially good spirits. He attended the New Year’s Eve prayer service at the Dayspring, and he delighted in the reception and fireworks that followed. Peter was back at the Green House, his home for … [Read more...]